Suppression Systems

Protect areas containing valuable or critical equipment such as data processing rooms, telecommunication switches, and control rooms.

Prevent Catastrophic Losses

A fire suppression system is one of the core safety items to invest in. It can prevent important equipment from going up in flames and safeguard lives.

These specialized systems are able to combat fire emergencies while preserving sensitive technology and equipment. In addition, the suppression agent is easy to clean up and ensures limited downtime for your business.

Dry Vs. Wet

Dry fire suppression systems have been found unable to control fires that have started from grills or gas appliances. They are unable to put out fires from modern kitchen appliances including high temperature deep fryers.

Wet fire suppression systems on the other hand are designed to help prevent the re-ignition of fires. This is done by inhibiting the flow of fuel to certain types of appliances whenever there is a fire.

To determine whether your kitchen has a dry or wet fire suppression system, you will need to get in touch with one of our experts. Often, you will need to upgrade your dry system in order to be up to code.

Regular Inspections

Clean agent suppression systems, like NOVEC 1230 suppression systems require maintenance and inspections semi-annually under NFPA-2001.

Fire Safety

Specializing in fire safety equipment including: installation, inspection, verification and maintenance.