Emergency Lighting

When you need it most, emergency lighting systems are your eyes to get you out of the building in the event of an emergency.

Always Ready

Our experts will inspect, test and maintain your lighting in accordance with The Ontario Fire Code, and they will be ready to perform when you need them most.

Emergency lighting is a type of backup lighting that automatically switches on when the main power supply fails or is cut. No electricity from the main power supply may result in total darkness and a potentially dangerous situation to occupants of the building.

Emergency lighting will not only to protect the occupants from any sort of physical harm but also to provide security and prevent panic.

Inspection & Maintenance

Maintenance is generally done to ensure that the emergency lighting is at full operational status. If servicing is required, it should be specified and done immediately. Parts like replacement lamps and spares may need to be replaced occasionally.

Emergency lighting systems require testing and inspections to be performed monthly and annually.

Fire Safety

Specializing in fire safety equipment including: installation, inspection, verification and maintenance.